Thursday, March 31, 2011

Venting the Anger: The Gas Company part 2

I mentioned last week about my new gas meter and the bill that was going to be coming from it. Today I got it online...$187.

I obviously called right away. I won't go into the detail like the last post, but I will say the supervisor was very smug in her manner. I told her all the things that they screwed up on and dropped the ball with and the total lack of communication. She said that there could have been more communication on their part...more? How about some? I was never told anything!

Then she said that they have every right to get payment for those lost months using a formula to determine the amount. Their formula? Yeah it's just "charge them for what they used last year" because that's exactly what they did. So I guess since I wasn't home most of December, changed my thermostat, and the weather was warmer...all that doesn't matter. They can just charge what they feel is right?

I was pissed and told her they were pulling numbers from their ass and there wasn't any formula. So I contacted the Public Utilities Commission to file a complaint. So we will see where we go from here.

I don't understand how I can be responsible for their mistakes. If they knew in December, why did they wait until February to try and fix it? And then, since the gate was locked, why didn't they call and tell me then? Why not fix it in December or January? Or call and set up a time? This is their fault and they should have to be held responsible for their short comings, not put it on me.

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