Monday, March 28, 2011

The Last Laugh: Bonus pay not getting the best teachers

At least in Washington state. According to the report, via Joanne Jacobs;
  • Even with an additional $5,000 “challenging schools” bonus, fewer than 1% of Washington’s NBCTs move from low-poverty to high-poverty schools each year
  • The proportion of NBCTs teaching in challenging schools is increasing, but only because teachers already in those schools are gaining certification and because the state’s challenging schools list has grown each year
  • Washington’s NBCTs appear no more likely than other teachers to stay in challenging school assignments
File this one under no duh as well. Seriously, who would want to go teach at a low poverty school? I can only imagine the struggles that teachers must deal with on a daily basis. I have read a few blogs about it and it definitely isn't worth $5000.

And let's add in a classic "Catch-22" scenario. With more and more states wanting to tie a teacher's salary to state testing results, who would want to go and teach in an area that won't produce high results? And if the state says "you know, those low income schools, they don't need to have high results." Then how can you justify giving those teachers bonuses when they don't need to show results? Ahh education, don't you just love it?

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