Saturday, March 26, 2011

Venting the Anger: The Gas Company

So earlier this week I was bringing in the trash cans and happen to notice I had a whole new gas meter. So I called to find out;
  1. when did this happen
  2. why it was replaced
  3. why wasn't I called to be told about it
So I called them up and here is what happened;
Me: Hi I was wondering why I have a new gas meter and why I wasn't told about it.
Operator: Well when we did the meter reading on December 15th we saw there was no gas consumption. So the meter was broke and not working.
Me: it's March...
Operator: well, we came out in February and the gate was locked. So we had to reschedule.
Me: ok
Operator: so we came out earlier in the week to replace it.
Me: Ok so what is my bill going to look like since you're saying I haven't paid for gas in 4 months.
Operator: Well we are working on it to have you pay for those missing months.
Me (a little upset): So let me get this straight. You knew in December that my meter was broke right?
Operator: yes
Me: And you don't bother to send someone out to fix it until February or even call me to let me know?
Operator: that is correct
Me: And then after waiting 3 months to fix it, the one day you come out the gate is locked. And you don't bother to call me and say "Mr. Wendland, your meter is broke and we need to get into the backyard to replace it, can you leave your gate unlocked?"
Operator: yes sir that is correct
Me: So then you wait another month before you fix it. And you still never called me to tell me that my meter was broke or that you needed to get into my backyard. And you want to charge me now for 4 months. Is that what you are saying?
Operator (sounding very upset): yes
Me: ok cause I'm writing this all down and I just want to make sure I am getting it right.
Operator: Well sir, if you would have looked at your bill you would have seen that the bill had zero gas consumption.
{I was getting a bill, but I found out you get charged a daily rate no matter what you use.}
Me: I pay my bill online and look at the bottom line. I don't try to figure out the whole BTU formulas you guys use. But if that's going to be the excuse you use, that it is my fault that I didn't check my gas consumption, when clearly this is your fault. Then fine, if it makes you feel better then go ahead and blame me, but we both know you guys dropped the ball here not me.
Operator: ok sir thank you (click)
So now I am waiting for my gas bill. I expect it to be around $150 - $200. I am not going to pay it though. They have no way of knowing how much gas I used...if any. We were gone a lot in December. How can you charge someone for a guess? I will keep you posted.

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