Monday, July 27, 2009

Right Now: Summer Vacation

  • Summer School is OVER!!!! :-)
  • going to Disneyland once a week at least
  • it's hot!
  • went to the beach for the first time with our kids
  • Enjoying Spectacular Spider-Man so much right now...great writing on that show
  • 4-5 weeks left...gotta enjoy it.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

What can Brown do for you?: Trevor's Wedding

ok it has been quite some time since I did a "What can Brown do for you?" post, and this one really has nothing to do with my 5 years there.

Last weekend, my good friend from UPS, Trevor, got married. I first met Trevor when he was 18. He didn't act like it. In fact, he was so mature and down to earth I thought he was always 3-4 years older than he actually was. Believe it or not I never found out his age until I left UPS.

I have a ton of stories with Trevor because of the time we spent together at UPS on the various belts and areas. He left UPS to join the Air Force, which he is in and doing incredibly well.

I am proud of what Trevor has become. I never had a younger brother, but I guess Trevor sort of took that role.

I wish nothing but the best for Trevor and his wife. Good luck.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Thoughts Without Words: Summer School 2/3 done

two weeks to go and all is going smoothly as possible. I try to make summer school as painless as possible, mainly by giving the students a ton of time to do the homework in class. We do like 3 sections a day and that's adds up to a lot of homework. It's funny still to see students not take advantage of the free time to do it. Oh well.

I really don't have much to add to this. I will be doing an update on a new favorite show of mine pretty soon and probably another Spider-Man update (love that show!).

I can't believe we are already 5 weeks into our summer vacation? Where did it go?