Monday, March 21, 2011

Thoughts Without Words: Another look at the new Wonder Woman costume

A few days ago I showed the new Wonder Woman costume for the new TV show. It was good, but the one thing I noticed, and a lot of other bloggers, was the lack of red boots. Well, in the age of photoshopping, it didn't take long for someone to correct that. Here is the original (the middle) and two variations of it;I think we can all agree the red boots are a HUGE improvement over the blue. And at first, I thought the dark blue pants was too similar to the Jim Lee design, and we know how I feel about that one, but I realize it's pretty different. First, it has actual boots, not slippers or whatever those are. The pants are a navy blue, not black. So the core colors remain. And finally, no 90's leather jacket.

As much as I like the far left, I could actually see the far right one in a tv show or movie. I think I have to come to grip with the fact that whatever incarnation of Wonder Woman we get now will have pants, not shorts.

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