Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thoughts Without Words: Teacher suing student...

It's about time. That's all I can say.

Seems as though a senior that didn't get the grade she wanted started talking about the teacher, he had enough and threatened to sue her for slander and to stop. Of course someone told her to keep fighting and go further to the school board, a former principal (just another reason why teachers don't trust administrators).

She is complaining because she said he graded the class on group projects which she says is unfair. To me this is an open and shut case. According to Ed Code 49066;
49066. (a) When grades are given for any course of instruction taught in a school district, the grade given to each pupil shall be the grade determined by the teacher of the course and the determination of the pupil's grade by the teacher, in the absence of clerical or mechanical mistake, fraud, bad faith, or incompetency, shall be final.
Read the bold...yeah sums that up. So much for her complaint. He has to justify the grade, from what I have heard about things like this, but other than that he is good to go.

Back to the more important issue at hand, the potential lawsuit. Every time a student rips a teacher on Facebook, Myspace, or anywhere it's a 1st amendment freedom of speech thing. Yet, when a teacher says something about their students outside of school they are suspended or worse yet, they are fired.

I am sure nothing will happen here. The girl can complain all she want, but the chances of her getting her grade changed are slim to none. The teacher's potential lawsuit won't go anywhere because they will hide behind the 1st amendment. I love education...don't you?

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