Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Sun Always Shines on T.V.: If Only...

...they ended Scrubs with season 8 and called season 9 something else.

Scrubs was a great show, make no mistake about it. The writing was quick, the acting was superb, and there were so many twists that you didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Season 8 was the first season on ABC and towards the end of the season it was almost a guarantee that Scrubs was done. So what did they do? Simply make possibly the best series finale episode ever! I talked about it after it aired here. Just watch the final scenes, if you were a fan of Scrubs there is now way you could watch this without getting a little teary eyed.

JD finally hearing Dr. Cox share his feelings about him;

JD remembering the people of Sacred Heart;

Finally, JD's vision of the future;

Freakin awesome stuff there. That's how you end a show. The music, the projection of his future on his face and camera work...perfect. I would be hard pressed to come up with a better series finale. Well, as I mentioned before, Scrubs continued on for one more season...unfortunately.

Season 9 had it's moments, but when you watch that and then watch something like this;

oh man...how bad was that? Seriously, moving to a med school? Just call it something else. Not Scrubs. There was no JD after 6 episodes, no Carla, no Janitor, no Ted, no Todd (besides bit parts), no Kelso (for the most part), not a lot of Elliot, no Keith...just Turk and Cox. Cox changed right away by taking a protege, which went against everything we knew about him for 8 seasons.

The new doctors weren't too bad. Cole was probably the funniest just cause he was so out there. Drew was a combination of JD (sensitive) and Cox (sense of humor & attitude). Lucy was the new JD, but she was more of an annoying Elliot. Jo was a leftover from season 8 and she was solid in her role.

Could this have made it as a different show? Who knows. But more than anything it sort of tarnished the previous 8 seasons of Scrubs. It lacked so much of what we had come to love, but taken by itself it isn't too bad. So my recommendation? Watch it, but forget everything you loved about Scrubs and expected to see again. Kind of like Battlestar Galactica, the new one was good, but you first had to forget everything about the original.


Reindeeralyn said...

I totally agree.

Mr. W said...

I did this post because I just watched season 8 on WGN, last week, and literally right after season 8 finished (8:30) the first episode of season 9 started...it really showed just how different the shows were.