Thursday, March 03, 2011

Music Non Stop: More new bands

Time to change it up a bit and get back to something that makes me

A couple of new bands (new to me at least) have found their way onto my radar. First one up is Before the Fall. I read about them on The NewReview. The samples they had were pretty awesome. When I hear them play I hear some Fear Factory/Divine Heresy mixed with Strapping Young Lad, yeah that's a winning combination. The drums are insane. Nonstop with those classic stop and go riffs on top of it. It's been done before, no doubt, but these guys are right behind those bands above. In fact, if clean vocals turn you off a bit ala Fear Factory, you won't get that here. Straight screaming. I checked out most of the album on their myspace page and was even more impressed than before. Hopefully the album maintains the brutality I have heard so far, but this is good. For those solo fans, there is some soloing, but nothing fast or technical...and from the songs I heard, not in every song. Check out the intro song

Next up is another female fronted band, Izegrim, but unlike other female fronted albums the girl is a screamer much like Arch Enemy. Once again, this isn't ground breaking because Arch Enemy has been doing the exact same thing for years now. And yet, once again, it's good. In fact, there are times that I think I am listening to Arch Enemy. The screams are good, don't get me wrong. Musically it's solid as well. I would say though that it is more thrash oriented than Arch Enemy. This isn't a band that is a one trick pony and puts the girl in the front why? Because the girl also plays bass and not that bad either. I haven't heard all of the album yet, but what I have heard makes me want to hear more.

Here is a video from their last album, Point of No Return;

Both of these bands remind me of Lazarus A.D. Their debut reminds me so much of Exodus, the vocal delivery and the music was all too familiar, but it wasn't a carbon copy. They stood out from the Neo-Thrash movement. These two bands are the same. They sound like other great bands, but they manage to write songs that help them get out of that pigeon hole.

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