Thursday, March 24, 2011

Inside Four Walls: What glimmer?

Last week I talked about my Algebra B students doing well on their 1st semester benchmark and I thought that this could be a sign of things to come. Well then there was the whole homework incident that sort of brought me down. Well whatever optimism there was from that benchmark is pretty much gone.

They took a rational equations quiz yesterday, basically fractions with variables. They all became quadratic equations when you got rid of the denominator too. So we have been doing these for about 2 weeks now and did about 20 minutes of review before I put the questions on the board, it was a block day.

I don't have the average yet, but there were only 12 questions and only 8 of the 28 scored a 7 or higher. For you non-math majors, a 7 is a 58%. I mention that because 9 people scored 0 out of 12. Yeah, couldn't get one right. Despite the fact that we did 5 problems before the quiz that were set up the EXACT same way as the actual questions.

I got nothing here. I really am at a loss. I have been asking other teachers for help and guidance, but nothing is working...nothing. And should I really be too surprised? I mean when I gave a homework assignment of 6 questions, I only had 8 people do it.

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