Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thoughts Without Words: Final look at Wonder Woman

If you didn't know better you might think this is a Wonder Woman blog. I mean I did a post on her new comic costume, one on her new tv costume, and then for good measure another one on her tv costume with some fan photoshops to make some obvious corrections....I'm looking at you red boots.

So here is the fan photoshopped corrections;
Of course, the middle is the original press release one. I think we all agreed that the blue boots had to go. And I didn't think the darker blue pants were that bad. So today we got the first look at WW on the set;
And it looks like we got our wish. RED BOOTS!!! The darker pants are...whatever. They aren't as shiny as before I guess that's a plus. One final difference would be the dark hooker red lipstick is gone too. You know how those Amazons love their red lipstick.

The one thing that jumps out now are the stars down the leg. They were on the original picture, but not noticeable. They remind me a bit of the original TV WW, Cathy Lee Crosby, the way the stars were down the sleeves. By the way after looking at Cathy Lee's version, I know where the blue boots come from. It's a stretch, but overall I am happy now. I doubt I will watch it, but at least it feels like Wonder Woman.

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