Thursday, March 03, 2011

Inside Four Walls: Is this how bad it has gotten?

Not for me, although that is for another post probably tonight or tomorrow.

Seems that a teacher took a desk lifted it up and dropped it to get the attention of his class is now "on leave". Why? Well one of his students got scared and called 911, of course.
From inside a bathroom at Selby Lane School, a distraught 13-year-old girl calls and tells a 911 dispatcher Tuesday that her math teacher has just knocked over a desk and screamed epithets at students, an audio recording of the conversation obtained by The Daily News reveals.
But here's the funny thing about the cursing;
Ruby Prado, who told The Daily News she is the mother of the girl who loaned the 13-year-old student her cell phone, said she would be surprised to learn Haynes had used profanity.

"My daughter is an honor roll student and I would say it's partly -- mostly -- because of him," Prado said. "He's a very good teacher. He's committed."

She said her daughter hadn't mentioned that Haynes used any swear words and is concerned her teacher might now be in trouble.
So wait he cussed or he didn't. Which is it? A total contradiction of statements. But that is besides the point. Let's get back to the other part of lifting the desk.

If you are a teacher, you know how kids lose interest quickly in lessons. You need to get their attention and do it frequently. At times, you feel like you are a clown up there trying to keep them from fading away. I have thrown markers at a wall, pushed a chair/desk, or anything else to get their attention...not out of anger. I can't condone the cursing. Even though a high school campus is full of so many f-bombs, s-bombs, racial slurs...teachers shouldn't curse.

My favorite comment though was this one;
Awww, that poor kid. The teacher rattled his desk and scared me. Wow, are we raising a generation of coddled, overly sensitive wimps or what?
If he only knew how bad education is...he is so correct. By the way, if you listen to the phone call you can tell this girl really doesn't get it. She talks about how she is afraid the teacher will find out that she called 911. She tells the operator that she needs to give her friend her phone back so she can't talk anymore. I guess all of those 911 commercials have worked...

This is just another example of how crazy education is right now. Seriously...think about the teacher that would drop a book to wake a sleeping student, or worse, spray water on them to wake them. Those days are obviously over. When I was in high school I had a teacher throw water on me telling me I was insensitive. I didn't call 911 or go to the principal, I filled up a cup and threw it back at her. What has happened to students?
Another teacher nailed it the other day when they stated "I would have to question the sanity or anyone who is going into education now". He is 100% right. Teachers are being attacked left and right. Parents come in and blame the teachers right away. Unions are being blasted. And if you have tenure you are a lazy teacher. It's tough to be a teacher right now.

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