Friday, December 14, 2007

Another baby on the way...

So my wife is pregnant again and we found out yesterday it is a boy! I truly didn't care what we had because I love my daughter to death and she is soo great. My wife and I just wanted a healthy baby like our first. Now I can sit back and realize how my life is going to be with a boy instead of 2 girls. First off, I now have someone to help me out with yard work, washing cars, and other "man chores". I'm not saying I won't let my daughter help if she wants, but most girls don't want to do that type of work. Secondly, I have someone to watch football with. Once again a bit of a stereotype, but oh well. If I had another girl I would be outnumbered 3 to 1. At least now it is 2 to 2. And finally, I don't have to worry about the last name dying with me and my brothers. We have all had girls (my sister in law is pregnant too, but they don't know the sex yet).

So it is good times for my wife and I right now.

So what else is goin on? Well 1 week until Christmas break and everything is going well. I think I am doing about 1000 times better in my Algebra 2 classes this year. We took the benchmark tests and my classes were in the high 60's for averages which is pretty good for a test that covers 4 chapters (almost a mid-term). My Algebra B's a coming along slowly. Some that struggle just give up, but those that stick with it are starting to see improvement, which is what I have told them since day one.

Musically, let's see no new albums out. But some exciting news this week. First off Protest the Hero released a new song from their next album, Fortress. The song is called Sequoia Throne and it sounds like it could have been taken off their debut Keiza. I am really excited about this album. BTW the song is on their my space page, HERE. But something more exciting is the news Matt Barlow has returned to Iced Earth as lead vocalist. I will talk more abou this, but this is great news. Barlow has one of the best metal vocals out there right now.

That's it, music this week and next week is all Christmas music, so not too much there.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Spotlight: Nevermore

Ahhh Nevermore, one of my favorite bands...ever, period end of story. Nevermore is a classic thrash metal band with progressive tendencies. Here's what I like best about Nevermore, they haven't put out a bad album yet...6 albums and 1 EP all classics.

I guess if I had to describe them, I would say the speed of old school Megadeth with solos to match, the heaviness of Vulgar Display era Pantera and the vocals of Geoff Tate of Queensryche. There is no death vocals on these albums.

There debut was more power metal than the rest of their material, but still a solid debut. After that it is required thrash material though. Politics of Ectasy, Dreaming Neon Black, Dead Heart in a Dead World, Enemies of Reality, and This Godless Endeavor.

Now I have already told you what I thought about This Godless Endeavor. How are the others? I would probably say Dead Heart in a Dead World is my 2nd favorite followed closely by Dreaming Neon Black. I would say most fans would agree that those are their top 3 albums. Now eventhough Politics and Enemies of Reality aren't in my top 3, those albums actually have some of my favorite Nevermore songs. Take 42147 or This Sacrament from Politics are two great examples of what Nevermore are like. Or Seed Awakening from Enemies has one of the sickest guitar riffs ever.

Nevermore is just one of those bands that you can't go wrong with when trying to pick out an album to buy. It's all good.

Playlist for the week;
Monday: Lost, This Sacrament, 42147 from Politics of Ecstasy
Tuesday/Wednesday: Seed Awakening, I, Voyager, Matricide from Enemies of Reality & EP
Thursday: Beyond Within, The Death of Passion, Fault of the Flesh from Dreaming Neon Black
Friday: The River Dragon has Come, Believe in Nothing, The Heart Collector from Dead Heart in a Dead World.