Friday, March 18, 2011

Thoughts Without Words: This is how parents think now...

Let me start off by saying this could have been posted under Free Speech for the Dumb or Inside Four Walls because it deals with parents, but I went generic.

A couple days ago I posted the video of a bully getting slammed by the kid he was picking on. Most would say justice was served. I say most because the bully's mom? Well, she sees it differently.
"We don't need this posted everywhere," she told Australia's Seven Network on Wednesday. "I would like him to apologize."
That's right. Her kid is the one picking on another student and starts hitting him, yet it's the victim who needs to apologize. This is what we see more and more in education. Call it deflecting, not accepting responsibility, or whatever you want, but this is what society has become. It's always someone else's fault.

Now she did say this;
Tina said she while was "shocked" at Ritchard's behavior, she didn't think he deserved to be slammed to the ground. Neither boy suffered serious injuries in the fight.
Hmmm shocked? No apology there. Oh and I like the "didn't deserved to be slammed to the ground" part too. What did she expect the kid to do? He doesn't provoke the bully. He just wants to be left alone. It's the bully that seems to have brought the slamming upon himself. But why would I expect a parent to do their job and parent their child. It is becoming more and more rare to see a parent actually parent their child. Unfortunately, parents are getting to be like the kids and make excuses and avoiding accountability.

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