Monday, March 14, 2011

Thoughts Without Words: Parents sue preschool...

why? Well because they didn't prepare their daughter for Harvard, duh.
A Manhattan mom is suing a $19,000-a-year preschool, claiming it jeopardized her daughter's chances of getting into an elite private school because she had to slum with younger kids.

Nicole Imprescia yanked 4-year-old Lucia from the York Avenue Preschool last fall, angry the tyke was stuck learning about shapes and colors with tots half her age - when she should have been prepping for a standardized test.
So the mom pulls the kid out and is now suing the preschool. The kicker is that the girl is 4. Her mom is basically saying to her daughter, "honey because you were learning shapes and colors at four, you are ruined and won't become anything." Ridiculous. Is it a great school? Who knows, but to say your child can't get into a certain college which is 14 years away is just ridiculous.

A couple of my colleagues always wonder if a student is going to come back and sue the district because they left high school unprepared. I mean think about all of the special ed students that pass because of IEPs. Do they really understand the material? Or is it the modifications that help them pass? And how do they cope in the real world with no modifications? After reading this story, maybe it is a matter of time before it hits us.


Reindeeralyn said...

I think that this is just ridiculous. I went to a preschool/kindergarden/elementary school that was nowhere near top notch and I still ended up a really good student.

There's also the willingness to learn, etc. that makes a good student or successful person, it's not just the school you just happened to go to. What college you go to is pointless if you don't learn anything.

Of course, there's also the "who you know" element when you're looking for jobs.

Mr. W said...

nailed it. I got to Walnut, not by having an application in, but by knowing one of the deans who recommended me when they couldn't find anyone.

I hope you're learning not to go into teaching :-)

Reindeeralyn said...

Thanks for posting this, I ended up ranting about it on my radio show.

And no, teaching anyone below the age of 18 is just not appealing to me at all. Hahah.

Mr. W said...

radio show? link please. Nice to see a former student doing something productive.

And if you are looking for ranting material, I'm sure my blog is a good place for some interesting stories.

Reindeeralyn said...

I'm on every Thursday at 3pm, but I created a podcast since most people are busy at that time. Here's the link:

Mr. W said...

thanks for the link. I'll check it out.