Thursday, March 31, 2011

Music Non Stop: Month of Metallica

About 3 years ago I started playing nothing but Metallica when state testing was approaching. This year is no different. I started with Death Magnetic, then to St. Anger. I will hit the two new songs from S&M & I Disappear, then finish it off with disc one of Garage Inc.

It is kind of fun to hear the difference in the albums. To hear a band sort of de-evolve, since I go backwards in the discography. I have stated before that I didn't think I could rank the Metallica albums when I ranked their opening tracks awhile back. But as I have listened to the albums this week, I am thinking I am going to try it.

One thing for sure is that St. Anger isn't going to be on the bottom of the list. I have a new respect for that album after putting it back on after a couple of years. It has some classic Metallica songs on there; Frantic, My World (heck I named my blog after this song), Sweet Amber, Shoot Me Again, The Unnamed Feeling, and All Within My Hands are great songs. Listening to them now I don't miss the guitar solos at all. The drums? Yeah that still bugs, but it doesn't take away from the music. Anyway, I will try and rank the albums before the month is over.

And to start it off, a video. Not a Metallica video...well not a music video. On the Megadeth forums there was this guy on there who won a contest to jam with Metallica backstage. Anyway, he decided to play One with them. When the solo comes on, he starts to harmonize over Kirk. It's freakin' awesome. I love the expression James has around the one minute mark...heck he stops playing to watch! Great moment.

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