Saturday, March 12, 2011

Music Non Stop: New Cavalera Conspiracy & Sylosis

Can this year get any better? We aren't even a quarter of the way done with the year and I have about 20 albums that all deserve some sort of recognition. I guess I will probably have to add these next two bands.

Cavalera Conspiracy features the Cavalera brothers, from Sepultura. Their debut was average at best. It was more punk metal than tribal or thrash like they did with Sepultura. So when I heard about their follow-up I didn't really care, especially since Omen (by Soulfly) was so bland as well. Good news for me, it looks like I am wrong.

The music is more thrash like older Sepultura and Marc Rizzo's guitar work is fantastic. The one knock that I heard with the song is the repetition of lyrics. But hey, at least I can learn the words quicker right?

Next up is Sylosis. Their debut was solid. It was one of those debuts that made you say "yeah, that was pretty good I wonder what they can do next." They were kind of a heavier version of Trivium. From the samples on this video, it sounds like they have abandoned the whole clean chorus thing that they had on their debut. The guitar work sounds awesome and to top it off, this album is over an hour long.

This sounds really good. Varied vocals might have made it a little better, but these are just samples and the music itself sounds really impressive. Another can't wait album.

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