Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Venting the Anger: Wonder Woman's new costume

Well it's been awhile since the news hit of Wonder Woman's new look and new origin (which I won't even touch here) and I thought I might as well give my thoughts on it.

First off, WW's costume is iconic, whether you like it or not. It ranks up there with Superman, Spiderman, and even Captain America (which I hit earlier) as costumes that are perfect. Here are most of the variations of WW's look through the years and they all look good...well almost
Minus the 60's WW on the far left and the 90's version when she lost her title as WW on the far right, they all are pretty much the same. There is a common theme going on there. Red top, blue shorts with stars, and red boots. Simple enough right?

Apparently not because here is the "new" Wonder WomanOk ummm red top kinda. It's got the really tiny WW logo. Red boots...no, I'm not even sure if she has boots on or if they are booties. Stars on the blue shorts...impossible because she isn't wearing shorts!!! And where is the blue anywhere? Oh wait it's on the cool looking 90's jacket that brings back memories of her look in the 90's...see the first picture again!

The whole look sucks. The new origin sucks. This all just wreaks of a sales ploy. It's not as bad as the Electric Superman, but its not good by a long shot. But it's not as good as when Spiderman gave up his title to his clone...for another time.

I am sure when Diana corrects the timeline we will see the old costume return, but I said the same thing about Captain America and well Steve Rogers is back among the living, but he isn't back to being Cap yet. There have been a ton of costume redesigns that have been brought in for a quick gain in sales and I know it won't last forever, but still it bothers me.

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