Monday, April 18, 2011

Thoughts Without Words: New Spider-Man costume

I must really love doing these comic book costume posts because I have done my fair share of them. In fact, I have talked about Spider-Man a time or two as well. Heck, the Ben Reilly costume made my Most Controversial Comic Costume Make-Overs of all time.

So fast forward to today when Marvel announced a new Spider-Man in the works, in the Ultimate Universe. BTW, the Ultimate Universe basically updated all of the old character for the new ploy. So what does it look like? Is it worse than Ben Reilly's? Well...

It's not bad. It's not great, but not bad. But it reminded me of another Spider-Man suit I saw before...
That's's almost identical to Alex Ross' costume for the Spider-Man movies (the first ones). While I like the first one, let's face it it's missing that iconic red mask.  It looks like it is trying to be different to Alex Ross' version, but it fails.  The spider on the chest is better, but that's it.  It's not horrible though, but if you are going to go that route, why not just copy the one done already?  I mean the whole triangle chest, red on the gloves, and bigger chest spider logo.

By the way, this new costume isn't as bad as Electric Superman or 90's-rific Wonder Woman.  I think it would have been better with a red mask somehow.  Oh well.

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