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Who Decides: Most Controversial Comic Costume Make-Overs

So I wanted to do a list about bad costumes for awhile, but Topless Robot has done some classics that I can't even touch, take a look HERE, HERE, and HERE. The last one deals with 90's revamps and most of mine come from the 90's as well. Although, I will just highlight the controversial ones and give some thoughts. Believe it or not, some are actually not that bad.

Obviously, I won't be talking about the new Bucky-Captain America or Wonder Woman because I talked about them already HERE and HERE. So on to the list...

Invisible Woman: Sue Richards is supposed to be the most wholesome character in the Marvel Universe. Think of her as a June Cleaver with super powers or at least Carol Brady. So when they decide to update her costume they turned her into some whore.

Really...was this necessary? To top it off this woman supposedly had a couple of kids running around. Would you want your mom to dress like that? So bad.

The Thing: sticking with the Fantastic Four, let's look at The Thing. Ben Grimm is already screwed because he has rocks over his body. Well someone thought it would be funny to give him more rocks to make him look more extreme.
Honestly, I didn't mind the look at the time. It was cool. I think what made it bad was they gave Ms. Marvel his look from the early issues of the FF. I mean look at him...clearly he could do more damage. I really don't know why they changed him back, but I am more glad they did it for Ms. Marvel.

: ok it would be easy to talk about mullet Superman, but it might even be easier to go after Electric Superman. See killing off Superman was huge. It was covered on the news and everything...huge. Well how could they top that? Take away everything iconic about Superman and make him into this.

I guess what really makes it bad is that stupid 90's head gear thing he is wearing. They even did an update of the Red/Blue Superman story...I won't bother you with that it.

Psylocke: I don't think there is any sort of controversy here, but I will simply ask how do you go from this... to this... anyone?

Iron Man: The man has had tons of armors. Most of them are of the red/gold variety, but in the 80's they decided to change it up a bit and go with... I don't know if it was controversial at the time, but they did leave him in the colors for most, if not all, of the 80's. Iron Man is really hot these days and I never thought of him as super cool, but if they want to really "spice' things up again, bring back the silver centurion armor!

Captain America
: I know I said I wouldn't talk about Captain America, but if you look at that second picture above you see a guy wearing a black/red Captain America type suit. Well in the late 80's early 90's (can't remember) Steve Rogers quit as Captain America because he didn't like what was going on in the government...some secret society type thing. But he realized he still wanted to fight evil, but he couldn't be Captain America enter The Captain. I love this suit a lot. It has that sort of steathly version of Captain America to it. The star and the red/white stripes...awesome. Now after Rogers came back to Cap, the guy playing Cap (Johnny Walker) became U.S. Agent (same suit). Totally awesome. Now that Rogers still isn't back as Cap, I would love to see him don this suit again. Heck, he's in the Secret Avengers now...this suit screams secretive.

Batman: Can I really have a list without the 90's Batman? This was after the big move to kill off Superman. They couldn't kill Batman, so they did the next best thing...paralyze him.
So while Bruce is recovering, they bring in this guy Jean Paul Valley to take up the mantle. At first he kept the costume, then he realized he needed some more help and added little things here and there. Plus he was having visions of what to add and become. The first time I saw the new suit was right here...Freakin' Awesome!!! He looked different, but you could still see he was Batman. Plus he had the cool 90's thigh pouches. Joking aside, I really liked it. And then the artists started to go away from it to this...
Maybe it was all of the running or jumping, but his thighs became freakin huge! look at them. They are bigger than my chest! And what is up with that first one? It looks like either his head is tiny or his gut and body have tripled in size! The first suit looked like he was wearing a clothe mask too, but that clearly wasn't the case anymore. Add on the fact that they actually took away the eyes for a sort of cylon visor...ugh! This suit had so much potential, but was quickly killed off by horrible artwork.

Spider-Man: Ohhh the clone saga. So very bad. It was a somewhat good idea that went south really quick. The story was a sort of sequel to a 70's story about the jackal and cloning Spider-Man. So the clone saga said basically, what if the clone won and the real Peter Parker was just out somewhere else and came back. So enter Ben Reilly. His first costume as the Scarlet Spider was pretty 90's-rific. awesome hoodie with ankle pockets? Anyways. It wasn't too bad, but doesn't hold a candle to the more famous costumes...So when Ben took over he had to ditch the Scarlet Spider hoodie look for a new one... This is a great update of a classic look. The red/blue colors are present and if you don't look at it you might think you are still looking at the original red/blue. Then they take the best thing about the black costume (the white spider) and transfer it to this one with a huge black spider on the chest. Sure the boots are a little off and the webshooters are on the outside, but other that those two minor things this is a winner!

Apparently it was so popular that when they did a future Spider-girl series they took this costumed and gave it to her...nice.

By the way, I might need to update this list in a few weeks because they unveiled a new Spider-Man suit this past really? green?

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