Saturday, April 16, 2011

Venting the Anger: Raising Water Rates

Here in CA we have been told for years, "we are in a drought, we must conserve water." Well after a couple years of record rain falls, Jerry Brown declared the drought over. All the people rejoiced because there is a surplus of water, so rates should drop a little or at least stay the same right? Well not if you live in Santa Clara. They want to raise the water rates by almost 10% over the next five years Why? Well, it seems that all of that conservation has cut back on the amount of revenue the water district makes.
Darin Taylor, senior project manager at the water district, said the district needs to raise rates next year because water usage has declined. Water usage hit a 15-year low in 2010 because of the economic recession and a wet year, he said.
Well isn't that great. So the people did what they were supposed to do, not use water, and they are rewarded by getting a rate increase.

Yet another reason why people are fed up with government agencies.


Ricochet said...

It isn't California. They did that in Atlanta too.

Mr. W said...

this is why people don't want to follow along with these "hippie" ways of thinking.

I am sure if everyone went to the reusable grocery bags, we would be charged for something else in a few months.