Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Thoughts Without Words: KIPP schools are loaded

I have talked about KIPP schools before and how parents/students/teachers all have contracts describing in detail what their roles are in education. And of course, if that contract is broken then the student is removed form the school. We in public education, don't get that luxury to pick and choose our students, we get whoever comes through the door.

Well today I found some more information about KIPP schools regarding funding per student;
In the 2007 school year, 12 KIPP school districts encompassing 25 schools received $12,731 per pupil from local, state and federal governments. Public-school districts where the KIPP schools were located received $11,960 (a few dollars more than the national public school average). Charter schools in general received much less on average: $9,579. Compared to regular public schools and other charters, KIPP received much more federal money, as well as more than double what other charters received in local funding.
So right away you see they are getting more money per student. So not only do they have contracts with students/parents they get more money. Well that isn't the biggest part because KIPP schools receive a lot of private donations from the wealthy like Bill Gates.
Besides the extra government money that KIPP receives, the study found that the 12 KIPP school districtis reported $37 million to the IRS in private donations in 2008, about $5,760 per pupil on top of the nearly $13,000 per pupil they received from the government.
Are you kidding me? An extra $6,000 per student?

The sad thing is, this will never get out to the parents who say we need our schools to be like KIPP. And a politician won't mention this either, so no one will ever know just how easy KIPP schools have it.

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