Saturday, April 02, 2011

Music Non Stop: Blackgates

I think I have made it well known that I like, if not love, John Bush era Anthrax. So when he left the band and they got Dan Nelson, I was skeptical. But after hearing some of his live footage, he was an almost dead ringer for Bush. I could live with it.

Well for whatever reason, they dumped him and brought Belladonna back in. He has a couple of side projects going and one of them is Blackgates. The line-up is pretty solid, but it comes down to the music.

stand alone player

QuantcastIt isn't as thrashy as his other works, HERE. But it does have more of an Anthrax groove to it. This guy is a pretty good vocalist. He needs to get a band together, a solid producer, and just go for it. His 15 minutes of fame is quickly running out.

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