Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Who Decides: Metallica albums

Well as I am trying to rank all of Metallica's studio albums, I decided to take a look at each one separately and determine how many songs off of each album I look forward to hearing. Now to say that this is my final list is far from correct. As you will see, Metallica's self-titled album (The Black Album) is 100%, and I can assure you it isn't my favorite album. This was just looking at the album separate from all other albums. So here we go:

Metallica (12/12) 100%
Enter Sandman
Sad but True
Holier Than Thou
The Unforgiven
Wherever I May Roam
Don't Tread on Me
Through the Never
Nothing Else Matters
Of Wolf and Man
The God That Failed
My Friend of Misery
The Struggle Within

Death Magnetic (10/10) 100%
That Was Just Your Life
The End of the Line
Broken, Beat & Scarred
The Day That Never Comes
All Nightmare Long
The Unforgiven III
The Judas Kiss
Suicide & Redemption
My Apocalypse

Re-Load (12/13) 92%
The Memory Remains
Devil's Dance
The Unforgiven II
Carpe Diem Baby
Bad Seed
Where the Wild Things Are
Prince Charming
Low Man's Lyric

Kill Em All (9/10) 90%
Hit the Lights
The Four Horsemen
Jump in the Fire
(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth
Phantom Lord
No Remorse
Seek & Destroy

Master of Puppets (7/8) 88%
Master of Puppets
Welcome Home
Disposable Heroes
Leper Messiah
Damage, Inc.

Load (12/14) 86%
Ain't My Bitch
2 × 4
The House Jack Built
Until It Sleeps
King Nothing
Hero of the Day
Bleeding Me
Wasting My Hate
Mama Said
Thorn Within
The Outlaw Torn

And Justice for All (7/9) 78%
...And Justice for All
Eye of the Beholder
The Frayed Ends of Sanity
To Live Is to Die
Dyers Eve

Ride the Lightning (6/8) 75%
Fight Fire with Fire
Ride the Lightning
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Fade to Black
Trapped Under Ice
Creeping Death

St. Anger (8/11) 73%
Some Kind of Monster
Dirty Window
My World
Shoot Me Again
Sweet Amber
The Unnamed Feeling
All Within My Hands

Interesting to see how this played out. Now some albums are hurt by the number of tracks on an album. Ride the Lightning and Load both have 2 songs gone, but Load has 14 tracks versus Ride the Lightning's 8. This might play into my list, but it definitely isn't the final version.

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