Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Venting the Anger: Another reason not to be a teacher...

...even when the police have to use pepper spray to subdue an 8 year old, the school is still blamed for part of the problem.

Seems that an 8 year old student in Colorado was misbehaving and when the teachers went to remove him he started throwing chairs, spitting at them, cursing, and even picked up a sharp piece of wood. The teachers felt that it wasn't a safe environment so they went into another room.

What did the student do? Well he did what any 8 year old would say,
"I said I'm going to kill you once you get out of that room."
hmmm I don't remember saying that when I was 8.

Well the police showed up to take control of the situation. Clearly, any young child would know that when the police are around it isn't fun and games anymore and it is time to be serious. So what did young Aidan say?
Lakewood Police Officer Steve Davis said that when they arrived on the scene Aidan told them, "I will kill you mother effers," Davis said.
Ouch. Looks like someone isn't going to become a junior officer anytime soon with that response.

So the officers pepper sprayed him to get him under control. Extreme? Nope. Clearly this kid has no boundaries and he needed to have that done to teach him a lesson.

So how could the school be wrong here? I mean here's a student going nuts, threatening teachers and other students, so they call the police. Well the mom sees it a bit differently;
"I think there is a problem, but it's with school and Aidan," Mandy Elliot said. "It only happens at school. It doesn't happen at soccer. It doesn't happen at swimming. It doesn't happen with babysitters, with family members."
Here's a great quote that totally contradicts that statement though;
Aidan's mother said that she's tried putting her son on medication to improve his behavior, but it didn't work.
So wait? If it only happens at school, why put him on medication?

Well mother of the year isn't done yet. She is also an expert in negotiations...who knew?
"I think they should have approached him, tried to talk to him, even if it was from a distance. You talk to him and you find out what it is that's botherhing him as well. You don't just walk in, ask him to stop and then spray," Elliot said.
So she admits they told him to stop, but he didn't so they sprayed him. This is what most parents would recognize as following through. Obviously this is the kind of mom that threatens to take away and never does. The kind of mom that says if I count to 3 and then say 2 and a half, 2.... How many times should the police have to tell someone to stop doing something? It's the police!

If the mom's quotes weren't great enough, the kid clearly comes from the same gene pool. Here's his reason for threatening the teachers in the first place;
"I was rowdy on the bus...They didn't let me do something I wanted to do. We needed to do stuff, but they wouldn't let me. They put me in a corner with chairs and they called my mom," he said. "It was really the teachers because I just got really upset with them."
So it's the teachers fault. Of course, if they would have just let him keep misbehaving then none of this would have happened. Geeze, how rude of the teachers to try and make him behave.

Here's the story from Good Morning America;

I ask again, why would anyone want to be a teacher now? Here's a kid out of control to the point of police needing to use pepper spray and the mom blames the school.

Before anyone says, he is 8, the teachers could have controlled him. First, if they would have and the kid got hurt, then they are going to get sued. So I don't blame them for not doing it. Secondly, my mom was an elementary teacher and I would call her a pretty no nonsense teacher. She raised 3 boys and she had an 8 year old throw a desk at her. She told her principal that he needed to be removed from her class or an officer would need to be in there all the time because she didn't feel safe. Of course, the principal told her she is over-reacting. She eventually got an officer in her room for the rest of the year. But the point is 8 year olds aren't perfect little angels and can harm someone physically.

I'm fed up with parents like this. They never hold their kids accountable. And once again you have the old saying, "and if this kid isn't advanced or proficient, then the teachers are considered bad teachers." Right...

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