Friday, April 08, 2011

Venting the Anger: And yet another reason not to be a teacher

Another sad but true story about special ed and discipline.

People don't understand that things like this happen all the time. We had a special ed student last year who had it in his IEP that he could not have anything searched without the parent's permission first. Apparently, the student was "forgetful" and might put something bad in there.

Special ed is certainly a beast of its own. Like Buckhorn's story, the one above, or mine from earlier in the year in which the parents were able to get the 50/50 grade split they wanted, despite my best efforts. And one question I would have to all politicians who want to link my pay to test scores would be; what do we do with special ed students? Are they going to be counted "against us"?

Discipline in high schools and education everywhere is out of control, but when you put an IEP into the mix, teachers have zero chance of doing what is right. Administrators don't want to take on special ed and it takes away any authoritative power we might have.

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