Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Music Non Stop: Neil Diamond

Ok so for you regular visitors you might notice the weekly artists on the side bar to the right. So you might be shocked to see that this week Neil Diamond tops the list with 17 times. Now, I could say my wife was listening to iTunes and those were her songs, but I have to admit it was me.

I really don't have a problem with Neil Diamond. My wife introduced me to his music in college. I made fun of him at first because the way he sings is more of melodic talking. I would always do an impression of him when we listened to him. I thought I was pretty good, but my wife probably thought otherwise.

Then along came Scrubs. I was watching it one day and saw an episode where all of a sudden Turk sings Jimmy Crack Corn as Neil Diamond. Hilarious! I remember my wife not thinking it was that funny, but I rewound it a couple more times and laughed some more.

Scrubs actually put Neil Diamond into the show a couple of times. They played his music in the background and had a small storyline about a Neil Diamond concert...watch the end of this video to watch Turk sing America...he's so good at it.

I actually don't mind listening to Neil Diamond anymore and he does have a place in the history of music. BTW, the first Neil Diamond song I heard and imitated was Play Me.

I still think I do a good job on the impression.

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