Sunday, August 29, 2010

Inside Four Walls: How old am I going to be?

So in my Geometry class it's all freshmen, except for about 4 sophomores and 2 juniors. One of the juniors, I have had all 3 years. He got an A in Algebra B, but then he crashed hard in Geometry and failed...bad. So of course he blames me for failing. And yet, he took me again. I talked to his counselor and he told me he tried to get the student to take another teacher, but he said no.

So the first couple of days he makes these comments like "are you going to teach this year?" and things of that nature. I let it slide and explain to the freshmen that we work hard, but after the state test we go from a sprint to a walk. I can tell there are some that look worried.

So a couple days later he tells me his birthday is coming up on the 10th. I say hey mine is on the 14th. We start talking about what we are going to do and then I ask him how old he will be. He tells me and I ask him how old will I be. So he uses some logic and says "ok you graduated in 95 and I am assuming you were 18." I tell him yes. So he starts thinking ... you know that looking up to subtract look. And finally he says, "you're going to be 30". At that point all the freshman start laughing at him. And I start chuckling. Then he gets defensive and says "wait wait wait...ummm oh wait you're going to be 28!" If there were any freshmen not laughing before that, they were all laughing now.

So I ask the class "How old am I going to be?" And in unison they all say "34". They are all still laughing when I say "Now I would just like to say this might have been the reason that he failed my class last year...maybe." The freshmen got a real kick out of that one. The junior laughed at it too.

Talk about timing.

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