Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Free Speech for the Dumb: Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg

So it's early this morning and I just ran across this article from the Sacremento Bee about Darrell Steinberg's plans to raise income taxes in CA and cut sales taxes. Makes sense for the Dems because since we are being hit with furlough days and losing jobs still no one is buying anything, so there is no revenue being generated by the high sales tax. So there plan? Increase income tax because that's a guaranteed thing.

No one likes taxes, especially nowadays. They increased taxes two years ago and they took it to the voters to decided to keep the tax increase for two more years (about $16 billion) with a spending cap or let them expire after 2 years (instead the four total they wanted). This became propostion 1A. So let's here what Darrell Steinberg said about it;

But the other side would say that voters last May said they did not want to extend the current higher level of taxes beyond next year by rejecting Proposition 1A.

Then that gets to a different argument, because I don't think voters rejected 1A because of the taxes. The Democratic constituencies opposed it because it had a rainy-day fund and what they considered a spending cap.

This shows how out of touch liberals are with people. This thing was voted down 65% to 35%. And yet according to him, it didn't have to do with taxes it was about a spending cap. I would love to see some of his constituents call him out on this one.

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