Sunday, August 15, 2010

Venting the Anger: Illegal Immigration

***Updated 8-15***
Ok so I find it funny that this story ran in a more "conservative" paper, but it looks like the Daily Bulletin is trying to make us forget about it. It has been removed from their website completely. It's not in the archives or anywhere. Here is a duplicate copy from their sister paper Redlands Facts, LINK.

I feel like our country doesn't exist anymore. When did everyone in the media start feeling sorry for the illegals? First, we stopped calling them illegal aliens and it became illegal immigrants. Then, it became undocumented immigrants. Like we aren't supposed to think they are breaking the law because they are just undocumented.

I hate the argument that says if you are against illegals you are anti-immigrant. And then of course the classic "America was buikt by immigrants". I don't have a problem with LEGAL immigrants or immigration at all. Get in line though. Don't sneak into our country and then say you deserve to be here while you wave your Mexican flag. My dad and his family came here as a boy and went through the whole green card process to become a citizen. So why can't these people? Why are they special?

So what brought this up you might say? Well in our local paper today a story was run about an illegal who is spending her summer "engaging in activism". This is a piece that would usually run in the L.A. Times, that's how one sided it is. The first thing is I read is;
It's been a busy summer for Gladys Castro, a Kaiser High School graduate who was accepted into UC Berkeley.

But she hasn't been filling out school registration forms or preparing to leave home for the fall semester.

Castro, who cannot apply for government loans because she's an undocumented student, has spent her days either protesting or planning protests in favor of immigration reform and federal legislation that would create a path to citizenship for high-achieving students who are in the country illegally.

"I'm just not scared anymore," Castro said. "I feel so much (more) empowered now that I'm out of the shadows."
that's right she's not scared. And she's empowered to come to our country and make demands of it. Even though she doesn't pay taxes or give anything to help us out. Talk about a free hand out. It gets better;
"It gets you really, really angry," she said. "All we're looking for is a chance, a chance at the American dream, and becoming Americans."
Yeah they have a process for that! If you have been here since 8 and are now in college you could have been a citizen by now if you would have gone through the legal process!!! This is arrogance at it's highest form. She's angry because she can't do it her a little baby!

Here was the final straw for me though;
Castro hopes to have enough money from her family and through private scholarships and donations to pay for spring semester classes at Berkeley.

Beyond that, she doesn't have a plan.

"Cal State was an option, but it wasn't right for me," she said. "I wasn't going to settle for Cal State."
That's right Cal State isn't good enough for her. Like she is owed something better. I went to a Cal State, it was good enough for me and thousands of other legal students! What pisses me off is here we have someone who is breaking the law doesn't hide and nothing happens. Our administration, state and federal, are all guilty of not enforcing basic U.S. laws. Our government will sue a state for enforcing federal immigration laws, but won't go after sanctuary cities that refuse to enforce laws. This country is in trouble.

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