Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Thoughts Without Words: Playhouse Disney Live on Stage

So we go see this show at California Adventures every couple weeks or so and it's the same thing ... here's a video of the last song.

Anyway, this last time was a little different. First off it was a different Casey. That's the generic name they give the lead singer/host of the show. We have seen 2 other Caseys and this one was more dramatic and ad-libbed a bit. So that was a plus, but the real magic that day was the puppeteers. You can see that the stage is a few feet off the ground, so the people can operate the puppets below.

During the Winnie the Pooh part something was going on below because Casey was laughing pretty hard. Hard enough to were he had to look away from the audience. Then right before final song (above) Mickey tried to bite Casey! It was great and Casey did a great job of playing along with him.

The best was during the last song. When Cassie is kneeling next to Minnie and Donald is behind him, Donald head butts Casey's leg. Casey turned around and the puppeteer made Donald look like he was passing out! It was funny because Donald's eyes went up and his eyelids started to close and he was falling over. Casey played along again and even pretended to pick him up. Classic.

My wife and I figured that the puppeteers were sort of hazing the new Casey. That's all we could figure out. I wondered if anyone else noticed.

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