Saturday, August 14, 2010

Keep it in the Family: Happy Birthday Aubrey

I don't talk about my family a lot on here so various reasons, but I do want to wish my daughter a happy 4th birthday. And yes, this is the time she was born 4 years ago today.

My favorite memory from that day was at about 7 PM or so the doctor was talking to me, my parents, and my in-laws about how much longer ( we got there in the morning like 6 AM or so). The doctor was like "she's got a lot of time. Relax go do something and come back in a couple of hours." The parents were like "what? are you kidding?" and staring at each other when I decided to break the silence with "Ok, then I am going to go to Del Taco, I'll see you guys later." The parents were open mouthed and then the doctor chines in "Sounds great, I would love to go, but I can't leave the hospital."


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