Friday, August 13, 2010

Inside Four Walls: finally organized

So I broke down and went into my classroom yesterday for the first time since school ended. The desks were all messed up since they cleaned my room, so I will have to do that obviously, but I was there for something else...organize my cabinets.

I moved into a new room last year and couldn't believe the amount of storage in the new room. I had 2 filing cabinets in my old portable, so this was huge upgrade. I didn't go through anything, just sort of transferred it over from the cabinet to the new drawers.

As the year progressed, I realized I had too much old stuff (tests, worksheets, etc.) that I hadn't used in years and probably wouldn't use again. In fact, tell me why I had 3 different practice finals for one class? It's not like I have time to give all 3.

Add into the mix that I have streamlined my tests, all multiple choice like the state tests, I needed to organize them. So for about 2 hours yesterday I went through and organized my 3 subjects by 1st and 2nd semester. And at the same time I dumped anything I hadn't used in 2 years.

In the end I actually have 2 empty drawers and I had 2 desks full of old tests/papers that were both about 2 feet high. I felt good when I was done. Now I have to get it all out. I am on the second floor and the school decided to chain the big trashcans to the steps, so I have no clue how I am going to get all that trash out of my room.

But on the positive side, I haven't felt this organized since the first day I taught. How bad is that? Oh yeah I'm entering my 7th year of teaching...nice huh?

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