Thursday, August 19, 2010

Inside Four Walls: More CST results...

So a couple of days ago I talked about my CST scores and how they were off a little bit from my predictions and what not.

So today, after our meeting, I went back and decided to count the number of A's & B's in each of my periods and then the number of A's & B's that were proficient or advanced. Then I took those two and divided the proficient/advanced A's & B's by total A's & B's. I felt that this would give me a good feel of if the course was lined up with the CST results. I hate seeing a basic, below basic, or far below basic and think they got an A or B in the class.

This will be listed number of A's & B's that were proficient or advanced : total number of A's & B's
2nd period Algebra B - 10 : 10 (100%)
3rd period Algebra 2 - 13 : 15 (87%)
4th period Algebra 2 - 5 : 11 (45%)
5th period Geometry - 14 : 18 (78%)
6th period Geometry - 6 : 9 (67%)

A couple of notes and observations. Anyone can see the sore thumb is 4th what happened? Well for one I had a student who was out for a month with an illness who missed a complete chapter...not a big one, just series & sequences (there was sarcasm there by the way). So she took the test not knowing an entire chapter. And I had another student in that same class that was one of those, I will study super hard for this test and forget about it after the test. In fact, there were probably more than one, but she stuck out in my mind during the year. So if you take out those 2 you would be closer to 55% or higher. For my 6th period, 2 of the B students were literally one question away from a proficient. The score needed to be a 350 and they were at 348.

So what do I get from this? Basically, it tells me that my course is pretty close to what the results are going to be. Some might ask about the C students that were proficient or advanced and there were a few, probably 5 to 10. And those C students are the ones that don't do the homework and blow off a project. They know that they can raise their grade 7 - 10% based on their CST score. Besides, we have had plenty of talks about A's & B's not lining up with their CST score. So in those respects, I am happy.

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