Monday, August 16, 2010

What can Brown do for you?: I got you now!

Ok, this story isn't in order, but the next few UPS stories are kind of depressing because it's usually me getting in trouble. So I figured I would tell a good radio story.

Radios at UPS were gold. You could talk to other sups and crack some jokes. Early on I realized radios were meant to have fun with. I would hear the A-Team theme song and tons of impersonations. So it was good fun. No one really complained either, that's what made it great.

This story takes place while I was still in the sort aisle (2nd time) and we got new radios. These had id numbers so when you talked everyone could see the radio number. It didn't bother us and we had to write down our numbers as we signed them out most of us just wrote down the wrong number so we couldn't be traced.

After Lou came into the building he wanted the radio chatter to go away. No more impersonations, no more theme songs. PJ had the best though. He would hold his button down and just make a "blah blah blah blah" sound as long as he had air in his lungs. It was so funny. What made it funnier is when he did it.

A full timer would ask for something and then PJ would do it. You couldn't break in was so hilarious. John really hated it. He would get on the radio and be like "I'm gonna find out who this is and write you up." Of course this just made us laugh more. It was like those cartoons with Elmer Fudd.

So when we got the new radios John was excited. It didn't stop us though. One day John was on the radio and PJ jumped in with his "blah" sound. John was like "I got you now!" He was walking around the building trying to find us. Of course we were kind of smart too. On the way out to load side. I switched mine out with a new radio from the check out room, no one was there. PJ was even better. He switched his out with the quietest supervisor in the building.

John saw us and said "Gimmie your radios, let me check your numbers!" We handed them over to him. He thought he had us, but then he had this look of 'how did they do it?' on his face. He looked up and said "I know you dickweeds are the ones making the noises and I am going to catch you." We walked away and just started laughing at what he said.

I know it's not the most mature thing, but in that building you needed things to make you laugh. I will have to write a story about the impersonations that went on there.

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