Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Thoughts Without Words: CA adapts common core standards


I can't say I am sure how this will affect us, but I do know that the whole 8th graders enrolled in Algebra 1 isn't going to be pretty. I teach Algebra B (second half of Algebra 1) and I have seniors that can't add fractions, factor, graph, or any other basic math. Worst part...I come from a school that has an API over 880, unheard of in CA high schools.

How are the poor performing schools going to do now? I like this quote from Ontario-Montclair's assistant superintendent Jill Hammond;

"If you give the teachers the foundational knowledge, and the district does a good job of building it, then the students are going to be more than ready with this challenge," said Jill Hammond, OMSD assistant superintendent of learning support services.

I like how there is so much emphasis on teachers being the key. Once again where is the focus on the students and the parents. Remember we only see these kids 55 minutes a day. I doubt the common standards will do anything new...what a waste.

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