Monday, March 31, 2008

What can brown do for you? Sara

So we left off with me learning the ropes on Pen 9 and trying new techniques. Everything on Pen 9 was moving along nicely. I couldn't complain anymore, as long as everyone showed up to work it was going to be a nice day. Walk around talk to old friends and new ones. Since Pen 9 was on top of Pen 8 I would always see their pick-off Sara.

Now females at UPS were very rare. It is a very hard job to be an employee there. Whether it be the work or just dealing with the guy attitudes. Anyway, Sara was a funny girl always in a good mood, unless the missorts were high. I can still see her yelling at me to fix the missorts in the back, even though I wasn't there anymore. All she wanted was for me to get on my radio and yell at someone.

Her boyfriend worked on the same belt as her. He was a solid employee. When I needed something I just called him and he would do it. Phil would get mad that I was stealing his workers, but they never got backed up.

They were two of the most reliable employees I ever saw there. They were responsible and always thought of others not just themselves. That's pretty big considering they were in their early 20's. They were what you thought of when you said UPS.

I still remember coming in that Monday morning when Shon was waiting for us. He told us how Sara had died over the weekend. It was a shock to me. I couldn't believe someone who wasn't even 25 could have died. I just saw her on Friday smiling and joking around with everyone. Apparently, her and her boyfriend were at a wedding reception (made it worse I suppose), when she started complaining of chest pain. Next thing she collapsed. I never found out how she died or why. But did it matter? 20's gone.

Her boyfriend took some time off and I remember seeing him when he returned. I simply asked how he was and if he needed anything. He was trying to be strong, but I could tell it hurt bad.

It was surreal to walk by that pick-off everyday and realize she was gone. It hit our pens pretty bad, unfortunately the world kept spinning and we had to move on.

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