Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Venting the Anger: Suspended Students

I have a freshman student that was caught with alcohol on campus last week. Let me say that again a freshman with alcohol. In our student handbook it lists the "big four and out the door". These are the 4 things that usually result in expulsion, one of them is alcohol on campus. What did she get? 6 days at the suspension center...yep 6 days.

So it was my understanding that we didn't have to give work to suspended students. Well I was wrong, at home suspension students don't get a chance to make up work, but suspension center kids do.

HUH?!?! So who gets inconvenienced? The teacher is the one who has to get the work together. Grade it separately from the rest of the class. Give another version of a test (due to cheating). Grade that one. Then what about state testing? We are responsible for their it there fault they aren't at school? Is anyone going to care about that when her scores come back lower?

Once again we are giving zero accountability to the student. She brought it on campus. No one forced her. Yet what did she really miss? She gets to make up her work and tests. And I know some teachers will spend their lunch time/conference time to catch her back up. So you tell me what did she learn? And what is this telling other students?

SIDE NOTE: This is the 3rd time (that I know of) this has happened within the last year. Second time for a freshman. We have these "late start" dates for teachers to collaborate on their classes and school starts and hour and half later. What do you think the kids are doing with no parents at home?


Val said...

That is so frustrating. We recently had four students pull the fire alarm. Everyone was evacuated, firetrucks showed up and everything. We wasted 20 minutes outside (in the cold drizzle no less)and had to go back in and try to teach for the last 15 minutes of 8th period. Yeah right.
Those guys got 5 days ISS. Meanwhile, the other teachers and I are scrambling around, doing exactly what you said, finding work, etc., and they are with their friends, relaxing for a week. Grrrrr.

Mr. W said...

I hear seems like there are times we are just babysitters.