Monday, March 10, 2008

What can brown do for you? Kicked out #1

Now let me say this, I will try to be linear in my stories, but like I said earlier there are so many stories so trying to stay linear is going to be a miracle. If you missed some earlier stories click HERE

So my first peak season just ended. We were getting a new building manager, Bill (Flint), and word was coming down that everyone was getting a new job. Now I had only been a supervisor for about 3 months, so I wasn't too happy about going to load side. In fact, I hated it. Load side sups worked longer hours and in my opinion had a harder job. So I remember the day before it happened. Jordan and I were done walking belts and we were standing over pen 4. Adrian (future sup, but a sorter at the time) came up and asked if the rumors were true. We said yep, and we had no idea who was taking our spots.

Funny thing is that I really don't remember who took over the sort aisle. I know that Robert M. was in the unload with Rob S., still don't know how Rob S. didn't get moved out. Anyway, Rob C. had a hard time letting go of the unload. He told everyone if he was moved he would quit. Well he got moved and then proceeded not to show up to work for a week...a week. He finally showed up and tried to say he was sick or something, but he was protesting it big time.

So where did we all end up? Well we were split up around the entire building. Jordan took over pen 1 in Corona center. Rob C. shared and eventually took over pen 7 in Airport center. And I took over pen 9 in Foothill center. I think I got the best belt out of the 3 of us. Not only did I get a good belt, my full timer was still Shon and the on-road sup was Leroy. So it wasn't too bad of a transition for me.

I was lost for awhile, but like I said Phil took me under his wing and showed me the ropes of load side. I'm not going to lie, my first trip to load side sucked. All I wanted to do was to get back to the sort aisle. And I wanted to show everyone that load side people complain about missorts too much.

That opinion quickly changed...somewhat. Next time I will try to convey what changed my mind. And when I became public enemy #1 for the building managers.

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