Monday, March 31, 2008

Tags explained

Ok so what I am trying to create here is a blog that everyone can follow. For that reason I am "tagging" most of my threads. Most of you have noticed, now let me explain them.

Spotlight: This is the one that started it all I guess. These posts will spotlight the artist/genre of the week. I will try to post videos of the songs and my playlist for the week.

What can brown do for you?: Turning out to be my favorite posts actually. These will focus on my 5 years at UPS. I am trying to go in order, but I won't be able to stay linear forever.

Venting the Anger: Just me complaining about something...usually school related. But seriously, anything...comic books, tv, movies, name it I will give my opinion.

Thoughts Without Words: Similar to Venting the Anger, except I try not to get to upset. Just share my thoughts on a specific topic.

The Sun Always Shines on T.V.: anything related to T.V. Usually, I talk about my favorite show and why. Maybe even throw on a video from Youtube or somewhere else.

That's where I am at. As for the titles, most are song titles. I liked the songs, so now I use them as titles. Obviously, my UPS one is the old slogan. It was either that or Moving at the speed of business. I didn't like that this one has brown in it which makes you think of UPS.

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