Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What can brown do for you? April Fool's Edition

Now I am going to go a little out of order for this story. Actually, I could probably up an entire page talking about all the jokes that we pulled on each other throughout my 5 years there. Whether it be the silly string in the sort aisle, taking a picture of someone's rear end and putting in our full timer's briefcase, hiding from our full timer in the building, or pretending to be someone else over the radio. It didn't need to be April Fool's Day to joke around.

Today I will focus on a great practical joke though. Trevor and I were logging out in the office ( the full timers office) one day when he told me about this function on Windows called "filter keys". He told me when you turn it on the person typiing has to hold down a letter for about 3-4 seconds before something shows up on the screen. Now all of our full timers would come in from the day and work on their reports and emails...so typing fast was a necessity. I laughed and thought this was a great idea.

So we turned on the filter key function on every computer there. About 2 minutes after we finished Tom came in and started typing. Now full timers are notorious for not looking at the screen while they type. So Tom is typing away for about 30-45 seconds when he looks up and doesn't see one letter on the screen. Trevor and I wwere trying so hard not to laugh at him. So we did small tlak. Tom looked at us and asked what was wrong with the computer. We played dumb. He checked all the cables and made sure it was the right keyboard. About that time Trevor and I were just about to burst with laughter so we got up and left.

So the next day we told Tom it was us and he got pissed. Telling us in classic Tom fashion that it was sabotage and we should be fired. We laughed it off and he eventually told us how everyone was freaked and they called tech support and they thought the entire office had a virus. After work when we were logging out we did it again, but this time on to Marie's computer.

That's what I miss about UPS, the joking around part. Sure the work had it's difficult and challenging moments, but for me it was about enjoying your job and having fun.

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