Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Band of the moment: Eluveitie

Ok, a couple weeks ago I was talking about my favorite albums so far. And I mentioned how tough it was going to be to put together a top 10 because there were already 3 solid albums. I also mentioned that every now and then an album comes out of nowhere to kick my butt. It just happened last week.

The band is called Eluveitie...I can't pronounce it...sorry. What makes this band special? Let's say it is the most original sounding metal I have heard since Borknagar's Epic. It is death metal with a nice flare of Celtic music...that's right Celtic. So not only do you get the traditional metal vocals, drums, and guitars; you also get a nice flute, bagpipes, and a hurdy gurdy. Yes he said a hurdy gurdy! What is a hurdy gurdy? Who knows...look it up HERE. There is also some very nice female Celtic singing on some of the songs.

All in all a nice surprise for an album. Oh btw, the name of the album is Slania. It's available on iTunes. I doubt Best Buy will have this one.


Mr. Kim said...

nice blog k.wend (it has the "k.fed" ring to it). interesting posts...esp your thoughts on suspended students. dude, you'd be the perfect person to teach teachers how blogs can be used in the classroom.

Mr. W said...

Yeah we had to start this for btsa, but since I was using a website I rarely used it for school purposes. So I decided to make it personal.

I'm not sure how I would convince teachers of using this as a teaching tool. It is a great way to express yourself.

And by the waythe nickname is a total rip-off of k.fed...not mine though, students made that one up when brittney married k.fed. It's actually grown on me and I don't mind it anymore.

One last thing thanks for the nailed it in your presentation. As much as you like sharing your thoughts you hope someone is reading it.

Desiree said...

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