Monday, May 03, 2010

Venting the Anger: Sense of entitlement?

This picture popped up over the weekend at one of those anti- illegal immigration rallies. It hasn't been confirmed as real or fake yet. It might be photo shopped or it could be someone just trying to stir things up, but the message I believe is real.

Not only do we see a sense of entitlement in the classroom more and more, but it seems as though everyone is feeling that way lately. I do feel that these people are coming here and are expecting to be handed a lot of things to them, like health care. And why not?

The Mexicans aren't the only ones that are doing it though. For some reason, they want to draw the attention to themselves. The Asians have this down to a science almost. A teacher at our school had some relatives come over from China to live here. The aren't citizens or anything, but they are here legally...the beginning process. Anyway, when they arrived by plane, the first stop was to a lawyers office to fill out papers to begin receiving free benefits.

Social Security is going broke, yet they receive every month SS benefits! How is that possible? Why are we giving SS money to people who have never paid a cent into? Worse yet, giving it away to someone who isn't even a citizen?

It comes down to this, the liberals want to help everyone to feel good about themselves. And in the process this country is being destroyed. We have lost our identity and find ourselves in trillions of dollars of debt.

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