Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Inside Four Walls: Who says chivalry is dead.

Great moments in male chivalry.

Today in my Geometry class they were doing homework with about 15 minutes left in class (it was a block day). As I was walking around I saw Student F (female freshman) next to Student S (male sophomore), I somewhat snuck up and saw Student S with a cell phone out. Bingo! referral time. Student S says it's not his, it is Student F's and she was showing him something.

So I pull them to the back and find out Student F walked over to show him something on her phone. But technically, I could send up Student S for it because it was in his possession. I tell him that if he takes the phone he would get a detention and since he has never been caught with a cell phone he would get it back right away to give to Student F.

I tell them that if Student F gets the referral then she would get an all day in school suspension because it was her 5th time getting caught with her cell phone. She is looking scared. I told them to decide or I would send them both up. Student F tells Student S to just take the referral because she can't have the suspension. Student S isn't sure so I start to fill out another referral.

Student S stops and says "wait, wait I know what I am going to do." What came next was probably to biggest swerve I have ever witnessed (and I watch pro-wrestling growing up). He tells me "Send Student F up, it was her phone."

Her facial expression was priceless. She thought he would take the fall for her and he threw her under the bus.

Who says chivalry is dead.

By the way, for those that might think Student S got away, he wouldn't have gotten in trouble since he wasn't texting or anything else and it wasn't his phone. I have dealt with his counselor before and let's say that one is a little soft on punishment. I think he will have more trouble trying to get back on Student F's good side, since he was "courting" her.

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