Sunday, May 23, 2010

Remember the Time: Eveready Energizer - Mark "Jacko" Jackson

So I saw another one of the Energizer Bunny commercials a few minutes ago and I realized how long that bunny has been going, since 1989. That's a pretty long time for a company to be using the same ad campaign.

But what was it before the bunny you ask? How about Mark "Jacko" Jackson Eveready Energizer? Don't remember the name? He was the Australian Football player that ran around screaming knocking over batteries. If you weren't around when they aired, they were really popular. As a kid we would pretend to be him running around saying "Oi!" all the time. Fun for us, probably annoying to our parents. Here is one of his many commercials from the 80's;

The guy just looked crazy and he had an accent. What more could kids want in a spokesperson? How about muscles? Yeah, he's got those too. He was a winner in my book and I was sad to see him gone. Replaced by a bunny. I was surprised that he was gone, but I think that I am even more surprised that the bunny is still going. For those that don't remember, here is the first Energizer Bunny commercial;

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