Thursday, April 29, 2010

Music Non Stop: new albums & misc.

So what does 3 weeks of listening to Metallica during passing periods look like? How about 83 songs...with one week to go. It's funny to watch their reactions to certain songs. Enter Sandman, One, and Master of Puppets always get them going. It's also funny to watch their reaction during the days we listen to Load & Re-Load or Tuesday's Gone from Garage Inc. They always have this look of "This is Metallica?" We are listening to Megadeth's Mechanix and Metallica's The Four Horsemen the next 2 days...I have had a couple of people notice the similarities.

As far as the new year of albums is coming along...well it's not. Bullet for My Valentine released their new one, Fever, and it's not as heavy as Scream, Aim, Fire. It has more mid-paced songs and there are little screams. Is it as bad as The Crusade? No, but it's not as good as their last one. The good news is that it is going to be in the top 10, and that's always a good sign for metal bands.

Soulfly also released Omen and it isn't as good as their last one either (and Conquer wasn't as good as Dark Ages). Omen is more of a punk metal type album. The thing that is missing is the tribal influences. All but gone on this album...shame.

War of Ages came out with their latest, Eternal. War of Ages is an above average metalcore band. Arise and Conquer barely missed my top 10 and this album (which was produced by Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying) picks up from the last one. There are definite influences from AILD and that's ok. Will it make my top 10 this year? Who knows?

Speaking of As I Lay Dying, their latest, The Powerless Rise, is due out soon. I have heard bits and pieces, but I can't tell if it will top An Ocean Between Us, that album was a classic.

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