Thursday, May 06, 2010

Thoughts Without Words: What happened to our schools & country?

I haven't been in education very long (7 years), but if you count in all of my years in school I have seen a lot. So what is going on with our schools? We blame teachers for everything (that has been discussed on this site for awhile, so I won't open that up again) and parents seem to get a free pass on raising their kids.

But what about these two stories? From Darren, seems that 5 high school students were sent home for wearing American flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo. WHAT?!?! Could you imagine the outrage that would come from the left if students wearing a Mexican flag on the Fourth of July were sent home? Racist they would cry. So why do this happen and nothing? Where is the ACLU now?

The other story from Joanne Jacobs, and elementary school to a field trip, but only took the black students in the class! How is that fair? Once again, imagine a teacher only taking white students on a field trip. The NAACP would be there so quick they would probably beat the bus back to the school.

These are just two examples I found today alone. But it seems as though, traditional values and American pride is being taken away even destroyed little by little. We are so worried about offending someone or making someone feel bad about themselves.

About 6 years ago, a teacher told me he thought America was like the Roman Empire and would fall and become a 3rd world country. I laughed it off, telling him common sense would right the ship. However, everyday that passes I tend to think he is more right than wrong.

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