Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Music Non Stop: Nevermore, Limp Bizkit samples online

Title pretty much says it all. Some samples came out this week of 2 albums I am interested in hearing. First up Nevermore.

Sounds very promising. I am a huge fan of Nevermore. I really don't think they have one bad album in their entire discography. This Godless Endeavor was a great album, but I was worried about the loss of Steve Smyth on guitars, but this sets my mind at ease a lot. I would have to put The Obsidian Conspiracy at the top of my looking forward to albums.

Next up Limp Bizkit. I have talked about Limp Bizkit before so I won't rehash much of it. They are who they are. Their last album, The Unquestionable Truth part 1 was pretty good. Sure Fred tried to sound like Rage Against the Machine, but for me it worked. It was better than some of their other albums, I'm looking at you Results May Vary, and there wasn't much filler on it.

So this brings us to Gold Cobra. Fred decided to post 3 quick samples of some songs. It sounds very promising. Musically, it's Limp Bizkit. Lyrically...well that's where opinions come in. Either you like Fred Durst or you don't. Personally, these samples have me looking forward to this album too. Check them out.

Not bad...not bad at all. I just want some albums to come out that are going to make me stop listening to older albums. Something that "grabs" me.

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