Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thoughts Without Words: Teens & Self Esteem

Teacherblogger411 has a nice little post today about teens and their self-esteem and how out of control it has gotten. I can't say I disagree. I have only been teaching 7 years, but in those 7 years the students really expect things to be handed to them without any kind of effort. And when you decided to question out.

Here's some of his thoughts on it;
How about peer counselors? Now don't get me wrong. I don't want any kid to harm themselves or end up being emotionally scarred for life from their high school experience. But why do teenagers, these days, feel like their problems are SO important. Why can't they just "suck it up" when things get difficult like we had to when I was in school. Honestly, nobody really cared about the fact that we were struggling. It was supposed to be hard in school. In fact, we got picked-on a lot more than teenagers do where I teach. There was no such thing as sensitivity training or tolerance lessons. Yet, there is so much drama in today's classroom. Why are today's teenagers SO needy?

Ahh the days of "suck it up". Good times. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. And what have we created?

Perhaps this ... a study was conducted that looked at self-esteem levels from teens in the 70's and today. Obviously, the self-esteem now is higher, but the ironic thing is that it may now be more damaging then good. Read that HERE.

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