Monday, March 22, 2010

Thoughts Without Words: Cyberbullying

So I am sure we have heard about cyberbullying before. Of course there was the big case of a mom posing as a male teen who caused a teenage girl to kill herself. Other than that major case, it kind of goes unreported by major media.

I found out today that a teacher has some cyberbullying going on in his class. Seems that someone created a facebook page that is being racist and degrading towards a student. Plus there are photoshopped pictures of the teacher in unflattering positions and with sexual/racist remarks photoshopped on his white board.

Now, the teacher still hasn't heard of what punishment these students are going to receive, but I would suggest they are cyberbullying the teacher. Of course, we know how the courts have viewed this in recent months, freedom of speech.

How is this right? This is just another example of letting the inmates run the asylum. So if it is a student on student offense then it is cyberbullying. If it is student on teacher, then it is freedom of speech. Something doesn't sound right there.

By the way, to top it off. The student who was suspended for starting the facebook page about her principal is sueing her school for violating her free speech.

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