Friday, March 26, 2010

Venting the Anger: California's Taxes

So I was reading an article on the Sacramento Bee's website today about California's tax increases from last year. Turns out that nearly half of the Union (24 states) raised taxes last year. This in itself is counter-intuitive because in a recession people are trying to save money, not give more of it away to the states or federal governments.

The NCSL report, which may be purchased here, found that in the 24 states that did boost their taxes by more than 1 percent, the average was 3.7 percent of the previous year's tax collections. California's boost was more than 10 percent.

If you didn't catch that, CA took in 10% more taxes this year compared to last year and we still face a $20 billion deficit. How does that make sense? Where is this money going to? When our outgoing speaker gives raises to her staff, no one in the local media said a word. When our current speaker gave his staff raises, including a $65,000 raise to one staffer, no one said anything. Maybe it's because the local media spends a whole 22 seconds during a 30 minute broadcast talking about local government.

It's pathetic that no one calls these people out for what they are doing. How about the wasted money in death row? Richard Ramirez (the night stalker) was convicted in 1989 for 13 murders. He was sentenced to death. Why is it that his first appeal didn't reach the CA supreme court until 2002?

The rest of the prison system? Illegals? From the L.A. Times

In fiscal year 2009-10, California expects to spend about $834 million to incarcerate 19,000 illegal immigrants in the state's prisons. In Los Angeles County, illegal immigrants add between $370 million and $550 million annually to criminal justice costs, including prosecution, defense, probation and jails, according to Supervisor Mike Antonovich.

Almost a billion dollars for people that don't even belong here.

How much per prisoner do we spend? $47,000!!!!

I don't get it. How bad is our state? And why do these people keep getting re-elected?

Why am I so mad? I did my state taxes and saw a swing of $1500 this year. How does it swing that much in one year?


Ricochet said...

Just wait til Washington enacts the VAT. None of us will have any money left.

Mr. W said...

That's just beautiful. I keeping hearing a national sales tax is pretty much inevitable.